League Creation

While there are many different sporting opportunities in the country, each with its own long-standing league systems set up many years ago, more than half of South African children have never had the privilege.

If equality is as important as we all believe it to be, a priority should be set in determining and addressing those aspects that exclude entire communities, largely due to the inconvenience of large numbers. Face it, the government has a tremendous amount of work cut out for them and we can all help, with minimal physical effort.

In this rich tapestry of diverse cultures living under one flag, we have the perfect melting pot of skill, competition, and determination. Everybody has his or her unique path, constantly being carved, and with more competition, those skills are tested to a higher degree, delivering the best of the best in an environment where previously less than half participated. In reality, exclusion is a loss for everyone.

There are many exciting initiatives that have been implemented over the last 20 years to correct those problems, but we believe that there is not enough traction. The time has come to be more creative in tackling the problem of large numbers. A big country requires big initiatives.

With the help of sponsors such as Google and Github for our hosting, and companies like Nirvana Business Solutions, who offer their expertise in both first-aid training and heavy-duty earth-moving equipment, we are making progress. With this kind of support, the problem of large numbers can be solved rather easily. More and more local companies are realizing the benefit of our program and have pledged support. See a full list of existing sponsors.

Find out how to register for Profile Sport, a tool provided to Mighty Development to enrich the experience of team management, tournament updates, and social involvement, all provided on a single web application. Anyone can join, whether you’re already in a team or not. Existing clubs and schools are encouraged to use the platform because this will set an example and a standard, allowing those who are new to it to aspire to better their own management strategies.

Every club or team that gets involved will effectively help in solving a bigger problem that, as isolated groups, we will never be able to.

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